Art & Poetry Contest

For K-12 Students

Making a piece of art is one of the best ways for our keiki to express themselves! K-12 students that live between Waialua to Waihee, Oahu, Hawaii can submit their artwork or poem by mail by May 15, 2020 about this year's theme -


 "Kū Kiaʻi Kai" We can all be guardians of the ocean! 


Contest Details


May 15, 2020

Entries will be picked up from the school office or can be mailed, view full contest rules below for more information.


K-2nd / 3rd-4th / 5th-6th / 7th-8th / 9th-12th

One submission per student (no collaborative work).


Grand prize winner wins a Go Pro Camera!

*1st - 5th place winners receive medals and other fun prizes!

Ideas for your keiki

Ask the kids for their ideas about how to protect our ocean. Here are 20 ideas: 

Talk about Bill 40 eliminating one-use plastics

Volunteer for cleanups in the community

Help others understand the values of natural resources

Use light bulbs that use less energy and last longer

Use non-toxic cleaning chemicals, soaps and shampoos

Bring your own food and drink containers

Use less energy by unplugging your gadgets when not in use

Reduce, reuse, and recycle, cutting down on what you throw away

Bring re-useable shopping bags or reusable containers

Buy less plastic and encourage your friends to do the same.

Flip the light switch off when you leave the room

Start biking more, driving less or taking da bus

Keep tires inflated to reduce gasoline use & carbon footprint

Don't overfish & use barbless hooks to help save the fish you throw back

Make smart seafood choices, only eat sustainable seafoods

Find ways to conserve how much water you use

Use reef-safe sunscreen and lotions when you go to the beach

Plant a tree to save energy and help clean the air

Don't buy plastic water bottles or use plastic straws

Ask your state and city officials to make laws to protect marine life

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